The SciTeach Center’s Multiplikatoren Netzwerk is a group of primary school teachers and science education specialists that collaborate to develop innovative science education formation continue for Luxembourg Primary Teachers.

The Multiplikatoren Netzwerk meets once a month at the SciTeach Center for a 4-hour formation over the entire school year. Each 4-hour session engages participants in science activities, discussions, and considerations of various theoretical foundation of science didaktik at the primary level. Grounded in these approaches, the group works over the school year to develop formation continue to be offered through IFEN.

What is the Multiplikatoren Netzwerk?

A small group of teachers are enrolled in Multiplikatoren Weiterbildungen, a series of formation continue workshops held on the first Tuesday of every month (October-July) at the SciTeach Center (continued remotely after March 12, 2020), from 14-18h. The goal of these courses is to collaboratively develop teacher education modules for future dissemination at the SciTeach Center.

The monthly workshops are led by the SciTeach Center team, consisting of university researchers and detached classroom teachers, and focus on “learning-by-doing”. During these meetings, participants learn about theoretical perspectives of inquiry-based science (forschend-entdeckendes lernen) and share experiences teaching science at the primary school level.

Through a community-of-practice / apprenticeship model, the Multiplikatoren learn about innovative practices for teaching competency-based science education through the co-planning and co-teaching of formation continue workshops that they themselves then later co-teach with SciTeach Center team members.

Innovative formation continue for teachers developed 

Formation continue developed through the work of the Multipliaktoren have included, De grousse Besch, mikroskopesch kléng, Taucht ins Weltall ein!, Nachhaltigkeit im (Schul-)Alltag, and Bionik. Multiplikatoren then lead the formation for primary teachers together with SciTeach Center Team members, and receive compensation through IFEN.


Multiplikatoren 2020/2021

Serge Braun, École fondamentale, Mersch

Cathy Entgen, École fondamentale, Mersch

David Moos, École fondamentale, Mersch

Patricia Muller, École fondamentale, Beaufort

Fabienne Schintgen, École fondamentale, Hobscheid

Nadine Scholtes, École fondamentale, d’Ärenzdall

Fréderic Serres, Ecole fondamentale de Differdange

Multiplikatoren 2019/2020

Serge Braun, École fondamentale, Mersch

Cathy Entgen, École fondamentale, Mersch

Thierry Frentz, Technikschoul, Differdange

Jeanne Hurt, École fondamentale, Mersch

David Moos, École fondamentale, Mersch